BOSTON (CBS) — Celeste and Sydney Corcoran are Boston Marathon bombing survivors. A year later, a lot has changed.

“I feel the further out I get from the bombings, the better and more independent I become,” Sydney said.

It has been a long journey, full of setbacks, surprises, disappointment and most of all, victory for the mother and daughter.

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“I don’t know why my life was spared and my legs were taken and this had to happen to her,” Celeste said.

They were both severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombings, Celeste lost both of her legs and Sydney’s  injuries were also life threatening.

It’s been a year but both of them vividly remember those two terrifying moments when the bombs exploded.

“I didn’t realize I had a hole blown through my foot and shrapnel in my thigh,” Sydney said.

Celeste remembers the moments after the bombing.

“I was laying there and my legs were just shattered they looked like they were shredded,” she said.

Both required multiple surgeries and have been working tirelessly to get better. Sydney who already had a near death experience when she was hit by a car a three years ago still needs surgery and is battling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

But there’s been a lot of positives; Sydney was still able to attend her senior prom and entered college on a full scholarship at Merrimack.

Celeste is doing her best to return back to work as a hair stylist on Newbury Street in Boston

But her greatest moment was when she learned to walk and then run with her new prosthetic legs on her own. She says she never thought the day would come.

What’s next for the two?

The family is building a new home to accommodate Celeste’s wheelchair and Sydney is getting a service dog.

Celeste is thankful for all the love and support the two have received, including her most personal charity “50 Legs” and Prosthetic Orthotic Associates, who gave Celeste her legs.

“I owe them my life, they gave me back my independence,” she said.



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