BOSTON (CBS) – Adolfo was down at Fenway over the weekend interviewing Red Sox fans, and this one pink-hat-wearing diehard was asked a handful of questions to test her fandom.

Let’s just say she didn’t fare so well.

She was unable to identify the opponent of the game she just saw, plus she confused the MLB team in Baltimore’s mascot with a popular brand name cookie.

You know the deal: the questions are all based on the Red Sox and baseball in general, and a listener calls in to Toucher & Rich to play along.

Here are the questions:

1. How many players are in a batting lineup?

2. Name three other teams in the AL East.

3. Who are the Red Sox playing today?

4. What does ERA stand for?

5. What is a rubber match?

6. Who is the manager of the Boston Red Sox?

7. How did Jacoby Ellsbury do today?

Next up was a fill-in-the-blank segment:

1. Shane __________

2. Koji __________

Listen below for all the hilarity and to see how she fared:



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