BOSTON (CBS) — Life can be tough for a student, especially in the having-a-full-wallet department, but the Boston Red Sox are trying to make it a little bit easier.

The team announced new ticket prices for high school and college students in 2014, offering standing room tickets for just $9.

The Red Sox will also offer $20 seats to students on six specific nights in April and May.

“Student Toga Night” will be held on April 8, Student Scavenger Hunt Night on April 20, and the “Night of Champions,” which will celebrate the three World Series wins since 2004, will be held on April 29.

In May, the Red Sox will host Greek Night on May 1, College Media Night for communications and journalism students on May 18 and Class of 2014 Night on May 24.

Students can purchase the special tickets on, where they can fill out an online form and receive a special code to complete the purchase. Fans must bring their student ID to the ballpark as well. The website says tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis, so act fast — after you finish your homework, of course.

“We know that our 2013 World Champions – with their relentless style, cool personalities, and funny beards – connected with young fans,” Red Sox executive vice president/COO Sam Kennedy said in the announcement. “We want to make sure that this new generation of fans finds Fenway Park accessible, affordable, and enjoyable. It’s essential to the future of our game.”



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