BOSTON (CBS) — When Boston firefighters broke the news of Lt. Ed Walsh’s death to his wife Kristen, she had one request.

All she wanted was her husband’s wedding ring.

Walsh’s band fell off his finger while he battled the 9-alarm fire in the Back Bay. Investigators searched for hours and hours and just as they began to lose hope, firefighter Patty Donovan, found what they were looking for.

“I was just lucky to get that scoop of debris,” Donovan said. “There were six of us in there looking, it wasn’t just me.”

Lt. Walsh’s wake was underway in Watertown when the ring was found. Investigators raced to the church, and along with members of Engine 33 Ladder 15, delivered the small treasure.

“She broke down in tears,” Donovan said. “Then she slid it on her finger.”

“We wish we could have brought Eddie home, but we brought home what we could,” said Boston Fire Chief Richard Magee.



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