BOSTON (CBS) – Baseball insider Jon Heyman of CBS Sports joined Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak Tuesday afternoon to talk about how the new rules in Major League Baseball, like instant replay, manager challenges and the banning of home plate collisions, are taking a little bit of fun out of the game.

Heyman will really miss the outbursts by managers after a blown call, which have become a staple of baseball. A quick YouTube search will reveal a large amount of manager outburst highlight videos that fans find entertaining.

“The one drawback to me is we’re not going to see those crazy managerial arguments,” Heyman said. “They’ve taken a little bit of the fun out of the game without those crazy, nutty, Bobby Cox throwing stuff and Lou Piniella throwing stuff. We don’t have them managing anymore, but I’m sure these current managers could do the same.”

One aspect that Heyman won’t miss is the collisions at home plate. While he acknowledges some fans may find the collisions entertaining, he finds them dangerous and is all for protecting the players.

“The collisions, I think people are going to miss a little bit at home plate too. In that case, there really is an upside because we don’t want to see a Buster Posey type injury ever again. I think they’re being prudent and wise.”

With David Ortiz recently signing an extension with the Sox, all eyes are on Jon Lester to see if he will be the next to sign a long-term deal. Heyman is confident that something will get done.

“My assumption still is there’s a pretty good chance it will get done,” Heyman said. “I’ve got to think it’s got to be at least five years, over $100 million. Otherwise it’s not realistic.”

Listen below for the full interview:



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