WINTHROP (CBS) — Police have cleared Winthrop High School hockey coaches and players after police say they found the team drinking in a locker room, last month.

Police are now seeking criminal charges against a 22-year-old man they say is responsible for giving the alcohol to members of the team. The man, a Winthrop High School alumnus, is not an employee of the school or connected to the team.

On February 28, Winthrop Police say they saw lights on in a locker room at the Larsen Skating Rink and alcoholic beverages were found.

“Based on a month-long investigation supported by multiple interviews and video evidence recovered from Winthrop Middle School and a Winthrop liquor store, police believe this 22-year-old man, purchased and supplied a large quantity of alcohol and transported them to the players’ locker room, where several players consumed them.”

According to police, interviews show that Head Coach Dale Dunbar, Assistant Coach Michael Norris, and Assistant Coach Matthew Driscoll were in the coaches’ locker room at the time the 22-year-old man, allegedly brought the alcohol to the players’ locker room.

“They did not procure the alcohol and were not aware of its presence until Winthrop Police arrived at approximately 11:40 that night. The players will not face criminal charges, but will face administrative discipline through Winthrop High School.”

A probable cause hearing is scheduled to determine whether the 22-year-old will be summonsed to court.





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