By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

WEYMOUTH (CBS) – Speaking from his hospital bed and surrounded by family, 48-year-old Raymond Scott says he’s fortunate to be alive.

Scott said what started as a family dispute exploded into gunfire on Saturday during his mother’s funeral procession on Route 3 in Duxbury.

He said he was driving alongside the procession when he heard multiple gunshots aimed directly at him.

“Anytime a bullet hits you from anything you have a possibility of dying,” Scott said.

“There was a lot of blood. Everything was coming out of my arm so I kind of plugged it up. I put my thumb in it.”

Raymond Scott talks about being shot during his mother's funeral procession. (WBZ-TV)

Raymond Scott talks about being shot during his mother’s funeral procession. (WBZ-TV)

Scott was hit twice: in his arm and in the back where another bullet grazed him.

“I was just thinking of how to get up away from the gun shots, so I kind of maneuvered the vehicle, jumped out of the vehicle, and then started running down the middle of the highway,“ he said.

Scott managed to get into the car of his aunt, who was also in the funeral procession. She immediately rushed him to the Duxbury police station.

Police later arrested Scott’s nephew, Gai Scott of Randolph and charged him with assault with intent to murder his uncle.

“I don’t have a message to the shooter,” Scott said.

Raymond Scott, a Boston-born rapper and hip hop record producer, uses the stage name “Benzino.” He was a co-founder of The Source magazine and an original member of the Boston-based rap group Made Men.

As Benzino, he also stars in VH-1′s “Love & Hip Hop In Atlanta.”

Scott said he doesn’t want this incident to reflect badly on his mother, Mary Ann Scott.

“My mother was a beautiful person. I know for a fact she is resting and I know for a fact she put her hands on me,” he said.

Scott said he plans to be released from the hospital tomorrow and return to Atlanta as soon as possible.

Gai Scott will be arraigned in Plymouth District Court on Monday.


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