BOSTON (CBS) – Andy Gresh, Scott Zolak, and Hardy decided to take a stab at the over/under odds that Vegas has placed on the 2014 Red Sox season.

While half of the categories were unanimous, there was some dissension between the guys when it came to Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz and Clay Buchholz.

Here are the categories:

Total Wins: 87.5

Zolak: “Over. Hit me.”

Gresh: “Over. I’m going 90 wins. Enough to be comfortable.”

Hardy: “I’m over on that. Not a ton. 89, 90.”


Dustin Pedroia Batting Average: .299

Zolak: “Oh god that’s a tease. I’m thinking under.”

Gresh: “I’m going over because I think the people around him will help attain that average.”

Hardy: “I’m going under.”


David Ortiz Home Runs: 27.5

Zolak: “Hit me! Hit me! I’m over. He’s getting 32 homers.”

Gresh: “I could see a 25 home run season. I’m going under.”

Hardy: “I think 28 home runs is no problem for Ortiz. I’m going over.”


Clay Buchholz Wins: 13.5

Zolak: “Over.”

Gresh: “Under.”


John Lackey Wins: 12 

Zolak: “I wanna go over. I’m rooting for Lackey … yeah I’m going over.”

Gresh: “Over.”

Hardy: “Over. I would truly jump all over this one. He never got any run support last year, so you figure he’ll get a little better luck with some offense and he should hit 13, 14 wins no problem.”


Will Middlebrooks Home Runs: 25.5

Zolak: “I’m going under. Jenny Dell is gonna break up with him and he’s gonna be sad. It’s gonna affect his on field play. This Jenny Dell thing is not gonna go well. It never does.”

Gresh: “Under, and it has nothing to do with Jenny Dell.”

Hardy: “Under.”


Koji Uehara Saves: 35.5

Zolak: “Over.”

Gresh: “Even if he has issues don’t you think he’ll get 40? I’m going over.”

Hardy: “Over.”


You can listen to the entire debate below:



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