BOSTON (CBS) – It’s not uncommon to find Celtics fans all over the country, but many of them don’t get a chance to see their favorite team play or meet their favorite players.

Earlier this month, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo helped one fan’s wish come true.

Brady Benson is a 15-year-old from Lawrenceville, Illinois, and has loved basketball and the Celtics since he can remember. He can thank his mom, Chrissy, for that, a basketball coach herself and a big Larry Bird fan during his time at Indiana State (just 60 miles from Lawrenceville) and his career in Boston.

But after 11 years on the bench, Chrissy recently had to give up coaching. Brady was diagnosed with Leukemia, and a long battle began for the Bensons.

But they never stopped fighting, and that battle brought them to Boston in early March thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Brady had just one thing on his mind when asked what his wish was: To meet the Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo.

So Brady and his family were invited to a Celtics practice, where he was able to spend some time with Rondo and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, receive plenty of Celtics goodies, and put up a few shots on the practice court.

Brady says he grew up a passer, and his shot was never his strong point, but Rondo applauded the 15-year-old’s shot from downtown.

“He can really stroke it,” Rondo said in a video posted by the Celtics. “He said he never shot an NBA three before so that was fun to watch. He air-balled the first one but he knocked down the next one.”

“He said I had a nice shot, so that made me feel really, really good,” said Brady.

Brady and his family were also treated to court-side seats at the TD Garden, an experience Brady had never had before. Prior to attending Boston’s game against the Indiana Pacers this month, he had only been to one college basketball game.

Though the Celtics did not come out on top in that game, Brady and his family were treated to a front-row seat next to the C’s bench, receiving pre and post-game fist-bumps from Rondo, Stevens and many other players.

Check out the video: 

It was a great experience for the Bensons, and one of Rondo’s charitable efforts that often get lost in all the other headlines he generates. He may cause a few headaches, much like the drama from February’s “birthdaygate,” but don’t forget that Rondo also does quite a bit for a lot of people in need away from the court.


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