BOSTON (CBS) — Not many predicted the Red Sox would run the table last season and bring home their third World Series title in a decade, but that’s what makes baseball so much fun.

And since the predictions are so much fun to look back on at the end of the season, we’ve gathered the WBZ-TV, WBZ NewsRadio1030 and 98.5 The Sports Hub teams to give their thoughts on the 2014 Boston Red Sox.

Everyone is a little more optimistic than last year, but do they think the Red Sox will repeat? Find out below:

Dan Roche, WBZ-TV Sports

It hasn’t been done since the Yankees did it in the late 90’s, so the 2014 Red Sox probably know they face some tough odds as far as repeating goes. But also knowing the 2013 Red Sox, the 2014 Red Sox probably don’t care.

Last year’s incredible run began with Boston’s starting pitching. Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, and John Lackey led the way. It’s unclear if they can recreate last year’s success, but one definite is they enter this season with far fewer question marks than they did last year.

The bullpen should be solid once again and the offense can be just as good, especially if Will Middlebrooks takes off. I’m curious to see how Grady Sizemore performs at the major league level again, and if he can handle a full season.

Boston’s defense will be good again too, and the pitching staff will appreciate their stellar D.

I called for the Sox to win 90 games last season and think they have a great chance to do it again. Beyond that, who really knows, and at this point, who cares? Simply enjoy the season and watch how it unfolds. See if youth meets experience on the field and on the mound. It should be fun.

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Steve Burton, WBZ-TV Sports

My head says they won’t repeat, my heart says I want them to.

It always starts with starting pitching, and if the starting five don’t rest on their laurels from last season, the Red Sox should definitely be in the hunt with a great chance to repeat. It will be interesting to see who fills the void left by Jacoby Ellsbury, not only in center but also atop the order.

I’ll put them down for 92 wins and a Wild Card berth. It should be a very fun, and competitive, season for the Boston baseball team.

Walt Perkins, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

All things being equal, expect another strong campaign from the Red Sox in 2014. Yes, there is a new look right up the middle of the field with a new catcher, everyday shortstop and centerfielder, but all three are upgrades from the players who held those positions a year ago. As for pitching, no team can hold a candle to the Red Sox starters or bullpen. I expect the Sox to win the A.L. East. After that, well, that’s a story for another day.

Tony Massarotti, 98.5 The Sports Hub

I think that Boston, Tampa and the New York are all pretty close, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if those teams end up 1-2-3 in any order within a handful of games of each other.

I’m going to pick Tampa to win the East because I like their pitching the best; they have the youngest pitching and they’re the most likely to stay healthy. But, with a couple of breaks, either Boston or New York could easily overtake them.

Right now I think the Red Sox are going to miss the playoffs, but it’s not definitive that they’re out. Each team has their obvious strengths; the Yankees should score plenty of runs in that ballpark and the Rays can pitch. To me, the big question on the Red Sox is the health of their starting rotation after going an extra month last season, particularly the older guys.

The other question that I think has to be asked now is how many years can Lester go 32 starts? At what point does he have some sort of setback? I know he is extremely durable, but typically everyone has an issue somewhere.

I just don’t know if Boston’s pitching will stay healthy enough, so right now I have them out of the playoffs.

Michael Felger, 98.5 The Sports Hub

89 wins.

Marc Bertrand, 98.5 The Sports Hub

93 wins. That’s all the analysis I’m willing to give in the month of March.

James Stewart, 98.5 The Sports Hub

The Red Sox will win 90 games this year, win the AL East and be in the ALCS. Their pitching is still as good as it was last year, and they have that competitive drive to win games. They don’t take at-bats off and I think their lineup is talented enough to get into the MLB final four.

Fred Toucher, 98.5 The Sports Hub

I don’t know how the Red Sox will do, but something will confuse John Henry and scare him during the opening day festivities.

Rich Shertenlieb, 98.5 The Sports Hub

Opening Day I think Jonny Gomes will say something inspiring that will get everyone behind this Red Sox team all over America. Kick ass fireworks, Steve Horgan will come out and put his hands in the air and there will be a huge reunion of the original KISS members. They’ll come up behind John Henry’s head, and he’ll be confused by all the fire.

Jon Wallach, 98.5 The Sports Hub

I’m predicting 91 wins and a Wild Card berth. A lot of things went right last year, and now there are a lot of younger guys around this year. I think they’ll get one of the two Wild Cards, but it will be a little touch-and-go in September.

Scott Zolak, 98.5 The Sports Hub

They’ll win the opener, with Jonny Gomes going 0-for-6. I see the Red Sox winning 93 games, good for a second place finish and a Wild Card berth.

Andy Gresh, 98.5 The Sports Hub

The Red Sox will win 91 games and barely make the playoffs this season. They’ll be helped by the Texas Rangers’ injury situation, and then we’ll see how it goes from there.


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