A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Allow me to preface my remarks by saying I can show you specific examples of how wonderful, smart and polite kids can be today…..maybe one or two examples.   But for every one or two examples I may have of the good kids, there are dozens of others on the “screwed up” and “obnoxious” side of the ledger and if you don’t agree, I might suggest you need to get out more.   I take solace in today’s new evidence that totally supports my contention from years ago, that kids playing violent and clearly “adults only” video games are much more aggressive in their behavior and subsequently earn today’s reputation as “screwed up” and “obnoxious.”

The latest glaring example of how we got here comes to us compliments of the NFL.  Yes, the National Football League and its new program to involve Mom in little Billy’s football practice.   I could not believe my eyes (and ears) this morning when I saw this network feature involving NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Moms of teen and pre-teen kids on the football field. Moms out there going through the training course, the field calisthenics, all designed to give them a better understanding of what these kids have to go through, in practice and during the game, and perhaps avoid some injuries such as concussions.   OMG and “give me a break!!!!”     Not once when I was playing football, even through high school, did my Mom come out on the field to share in my coach’s practice.   Is it her fault I may have taken an unnecessary bump to my head back then?  Is it her fault I crushed my kneecap during practice one day?   Well let me tell yuh something…Mom is still with us, 96-years old now, and during my next visit to the nursing home I’m going to ask her if she feels any guilt about this because after-all, I could have avoided that limp I have today….maybe even have had better grades in school without that bang to the head. ;-)

With all the brain cells and intellect we have in the world today, when the Hell are we going to learn how to take care of our young people…when to shelter them, when to let ’em go play and leave them alone and where to set the boundaries.  Doesn’t  it bother anyone that more kids get shot, killed or wounded, in Detroit or Jacksonville, Florida every week than suffer the same in Afghanistan or Iraq?


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