BOSTON (CBS) – Bill Belichick is the anti-hero of the National Football League, so it should come as no surprise that yesterday he bailed on the head coaches group photo at the league’s annual meetings in Orlando.

He was the lone coach not present for the picture, and when asked about it on Tuesday morning Belichick responded, “They can photoshop me in there.”

“Modern society is so disposable. Just use one of your machines to create me,” joked Fred.

And that’s exactly what people are doing on Twitter:

Belichick doesn’t belong to the NFL coaches association.

He doesn’t take pictures with the rest of the coaches.

Belichick is sad, and coaching is pain.

Toucher and Rich had some fun at Belichick’s expense this morning by portraying the Patriots head coach as a lonely, depressed goth. The discussion even spurred a parody Twitter account @GothBelichick.

Listen below for the full segment!



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