BOSTON (CBS) —  Want to get away? You may want to book a flight out of Boston or Providence, Rhode Island.

According to a new study by Boston-based travel start-up “Hopper,” Boston and Providence are two of the least expensive cities to fly from in the whole United States. The average roundtrip fare from Boston is $274.82 and $274 from Providence.

The findings were also detailed in the International Business Times.

Hopper looked at search data focusing on the cheapest 10-percent of search results, excluding high-priced last-minute fares which could skew the data too high.

According to the study, wealthier states in the Northeast have some of the cheapest flights due in part, to population density, high demand and business travel as well as a lot of airlines to choose from.

States with the lowest median household income, have the highest prices fares. The three states with the most expensive roundtrip airfares are Alaska, Hawaii and Wyoming with fares ranging from $400 to $500.

Residents of Delaware had the lowest average roundtrip fares in the U.S. at just $260.77, followed by Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Colorado, meanwhile, was the only state not on the East Coast with average roundtrip flights available for under $300.









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