BOSTON (CBS) — Grace Varela led the way as voices of some Milton Middle Schoolers filled a recording studio in Quincy, Tuesday morning.

The lyrics for “I will run again,” actually began as a poem by Kathy Ready of Westwood who had bumped into a marathon runner in a bakery just a week after the bombing.

“To be able to sing these words and know it’s going to help someone is the best part,” Varela said.

But her motivational tribute to runners hit another gear when it fell into the hands of Pierce Middle School Chorus Director Dawn Sykes.

“She shared with me the challenges they had just to get to that day and it blew me right to the floor,” Ready said.

Sykes says the song is an avenue for the students to heal and be part of the community.

So as the marathon bombing anniversary gets closer, the hope is that this song can be part of a message that will help right the community ship and be a lesson in persevering after tragedy as the runners of 2014 get ready to take the course.

Soon, the song will be free for download on “The Run Again Project” website, as students in several school systems share stories about how they overcame obstacles and commit themselves to new goals in honor of a runner.

“It’s difficult to put into words what music can do for people,” Sykes said.



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