BOSTON (CBS) –  Baseball insider Jon Heyman of joined Scott Zolak and Mike Flynn Tuesday afternoon to talk about David Ortiz’s new contract, Jon Lester’s contract negotiations, how the American League East could shake out and more.

Heyman was one of the first to report the official numbers on Ortiz’s contract. While some view Ortiz’s contract as a hometown discount, Heyman sees the deal as reasonable and mutually beneficial for both the Red Sox and Ortiz.

“I think that’s fine that they brought him back,” Heyman said. “I think he certainly deserves to be extended. I think the vesting option was a good idea, that way it solves it for another year. I think it’s reasonable. He’s a DH who wanted to stay there.”

Jon Lester could be the next Sox player to have a new deal in place, with Ben Cherington saying that he was talking with Lester’s representatives this week on an extension. Lester stated earlier in the year that he would be willing to take a hometown discount to stay in Boston, similar to Dustin Pedroia.

Heyman sees Lester staying in Boston beyond this season due to familiar surroundings and comfortability.

“He’s in Boston, he’s won there a couple of times,” Heyman said on Lester. “He wants to stay in Boston, he’s told me he doesn’t like changing and he’s told other people that.”

Heyman doesn’t think Lester will approach Zack Greinke money, but he would be surprised if the deal averaged below $20 million.

Lastly, with opening day right around the corner, Zo and Flynn asked Heyman to rank the AL East teams from first to worst.

“I think I would go Baltimore, Boston, Yankees, Tampa and Toronto.”

Listen below for the full discussion:



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