Jermaine Wiggins joined Mike Felger and Tony Mazz today. They kicked off the show with some Bruins talk – last night their losing streak came to an end after falling to Montreal. Wiggy weighed in or whether or not he thinks Vince Wilfork will be back for the Patriots. Can the Patriots and Wilfork reach an agreement, or does Vince think he can get his money elsewhere? They talked more about the Jared/Jerry Remy situation. Was Jared enabled by his parents? What could his parents have done to get their son help?

In hour 2, Felger, Mazz and Wiggy continued to discuss the Remy situation. During this hour, Wiggy was asked his weekly ten questions. The questions ranged from what his walk up song would be at bat to how he feels about David Ortiz’s contract extension. They went on to talk more Bruins and took some calls regarding Vince Wilfork and Jerry Remy.

Felger and Mazz started hour 3 talking about how Robert Kraft said the Patriots won’t be signing Kenny Britt. Britt has a history of getting involved with police – Mazz gives the Patriots credit for this stance on Britt. Are they putting the hammer down after the Aaron Hernandez saga? They went on to talk some Red Sox and back to the Bruins – are you a fan of shootouts?

In the fourth and final hour of Felger and Mazz, the guys talked about Patriots coach Bill Belichick and what he said at the NFL meetings – he was asked about the cost of adding extra cameras to the sidelines and rule changes he has proposed. Bake sale, anyone? The Bruins/Montreal match-up came back into conversation. Felger says that the Montreal games are great entertainment, but if your first priority is the Bruins advancing, then why would you want to see this team in the second round? They closed the show discussing the Red Sox and Grady Sizemore – should he start?

10 Questions with Wiggy


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