BOSTON (CBS) — Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had a few laughs, gave a few long-winded answers about rule changes, and even gave some of his patented no comments at the AFC head coaches breakfast at the NFL Meetings in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday.

It was a much different setting the head coach and reporters are used to, with a table full of breakfast sitting in front of him instead of his usual New England Patriots podium. There were even a few smiles cracked along the way for Belichick, and they weren’t prompted from questions about the coaches favorite rock star, Bon Jovi.

But while the setting was a little more laid back, it was still painstakingly clear that Belichick wasn’t very pleased when asked about a potential timetable for tight end Rob Gronkowski.

“Are you seriously asking that question?” Belichick asked as he stared down the reporter.

Gronkowski suffered a torn ACL following a violent collision in New England’s Week 14 win over the Cleveland Browns, and as you can probably tell from Belichick’s response, there is no current timetable for his return.

The mood did lighten a bit when Belichick was asked about skipping out on the annual head coaches photograph on Monday, something he’s done the past few years.

“I missed it,” he joked. “Maybe they can photoshop me in there.”

Toucher & Rich: “Goth” Belichick Skips Coaches Photo

They can — and people did.

Maybe those will cheer up the Pats coach just a little bit (just as long as a quick Gronk question isn’t thrown into the mix).



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