By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

The calendar may say Spring but Winter is going strong.  Temps these next few days will be very cold…average highs for this part of the month are in the upper 40s…our highs: Monday 29, Tuesday 35 and Wednesday 35.  Along with the cold a large Nor’easter will develop off of Nantucket early Wednesday morning.


Normally, a low pressure centered so far offshore wouldn’t have much of an impact on Southern New England…but this storm will be on steroids…making it capable of throwing snow and damaging wind gusts back into Eastern MA.  The Cape will get it the worst with 6-12″ of snow and gusts over 50 MPH which would lead to blizzard-like conditions for a time Wednesday morning.  The bands of heavy snow should elude most of the rest of the area meaning 3-6″ over the rest of SE MA.  The farther NW you go away from the storm the less snow…just 1-3″ in Boston and up to an inch in Central MA.  These numbers could shift around with just the slightest shift in the storm’s track.


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