BOSTON (CBS) – Mike Felger is back from vacation – he and Mazz kicked off the show discussing David Ortiz’s contract extension. The Red Sox had leverage over Ortiz, so what did they get out of this? They went on to talk about the NCAA tournament. “The Sweet 16” match-ups are set to tip-off on Thursday.

In hour 2, Felger and Mazz shared their thoughts on a report that broke about Vince Wilfork clearing out his locker and ripping off his nameplate at Gillette Stadium. They also brushed upon the Jets and their off-season moves. Then, they discussed a little Bruins, NBA and some more Ortiz talk. The hour ended with Felger and Mazz questioning if there’s an NFL overload.

In hour 3, Felger and Mazz talked about Jared Remy, Jerry Remy and the Red Sox. Should Jerry have gone back to work in the midst of everything going on with his son, Jared? Mazz doesn’t know how he was able to come back. Did Jared’s parents enable him? How can fans hear Jerry cover Red Sox games without thinking of the situation with his son? Wilfork talk picked up again – how many good years does he have left? They also went back to discuss Mark Cuban’s comments about the NFL getting greedy and spreading itself to thin.

In the fourth and final hour, Felger and Mazz talked about the Bruins and their 12 game winning streak. Mazz said he wasn’t impressed. Felger hopes they can keep this up – we know what the team is capable of. They went on to talk about whether or not they’d take DeSean Jackson on their football team. Remy talk continued as well. They ended the show with Celtics, NBA draft and college hoop talk.


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