By Paul Burton, WBZ-TV

SHERBORN (CBS) – David Sullivan, a Sherborn father, humbly thanked the man who saved his family’s life. “It’s only by the grace of God you guys were there it’s totally a miracle. I just want to thank you and whoever else was with you on that afternoon,” Sullivan said speaking with Chris Cronen on the phone. “It was a big teamwork effort,” Chris responds.

Chris says he was on his way home from a ski trip when he came upon a horrifying scene. A car tipped over on a New Hampshire highway. Chris says trapped inside was David Sullivan with his three kids along with three of their friends.

David Sullivan and his family were rescued from this SUV in Bedford, NH.

David Sullivan and his family were rescued from this SUV in Bedford, NH.

Chris who is a certified tactical medic for the federal government says he immediately jumped out of his car to help. When he looked inside he saw two boys stuck inside. “Crying and screaming it was pretty tough. I immediately yelled for help and here comes three Air Force guys running toward the scene,” Cronen said.

With the help of the Air Force men and two other good Samaritans they were able to get everyone out safely. “It’s just a miracle he came to after he pulled him out of the vehicle,” Cronen said.

David is recovering at home. “I got a concussion and shattered vertebrae, neck brace. Tell you what the kids are fine,” Sullivan said.

The accident remains under investigation, David says he wants to thank everyone in person who was involved in the rescue. “I am glad I was there able to help and even more glad that the civilians and Air Force guys were there to assist to help get boys out and you out,” Cronen said.


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