BRAINTREE (CBS) – The New England Wildlife Center has another baby fox to care for.

It was reported on Friday that NEWC was caring for an orphaned 3-week-old fox that was found by itself in a den in Brockton.

(Photo from New England Wildlife Center)

(Photo from New England Wildlife Center)

On Friday night, wildlife officials found the fox pup’s sister in the den.

The pups’ mother had been killed by a car.

NEWC posted video of the pups on Facebook Saturday morning.

The organization had been calling other local wildlife centers looking for a friend for the fox pup. However, it seems like they have found one.

NEWC officials also updated the condition of the first pup. They say he is being treated for roundworms, but is otherwise in good health.

Both foxes will likely be released into the wild this summer when they are old enough to fend for themselves.



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