BOSTON (CBS) – Thursday night means it’s time for some Role Play on The Adam Jones Show, a game that requires Jones to be a bit of an actor in getting inside the mind of different people and answering a handful of questions as that specific person.

Here are the questions:

1. You are Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr.: how do you like the thought of Grady Sizemore being the opening day starter in Red Sox center fielder?

“I don’t like it one bit. Grady Sizemore was good a decade ago. I’m exaggerating, but I don’t like it one bit. This is my time and I’m ready to come up to the major leagues. I’ve shown what I can do last year in spring training. We know defensively I can handle the position, and my bat will come around. I hit in Triple-A, I’ve hit everywhere in the minor leagues and I’ll hit in the majors too. I have no doubt in my mind.”

2. You are Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork: do you really wanna be released?

“Let me tell you point blank: I do. I’ve had it here. It was a great run and I’ll always be indebted to the Kraft family, I’ll always be indebted to Bill Belichick and I’ll always love the fan base here in New England. But I don’t need to go through the ringer again. I’ve proven what I’m worth to this organization and if they don’t feel that way I don’t wanna be here.”

3. You are Patriots quarterback Tom Brady: why are you selling your house in Los Angeles?

“I just do what the wife tells me. When Gisele tells me what to do I listen.”

4. You are Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli: how excited are you now for the T to start running late on weekends?

“I like to march around Fenway Park after the games anyway, especially late in the season. I’m not gonna be doing it every series for games in April and whatnot. I can call a driver, I can certainly afford a cab but it’s nice to take public transportation around and see the people. Boston is finally becoming a major league city!”

5. You are NBA commissioner Adam Silver: you have suggested 4-pointers, a new lottery system and now sponsors on the front of jerseys . . . what’s your next big idea?

“I’ll keep suggesting ways to reinvent the wheel. In the NBA, which was pretty good before I got here – I think David Stern did a pretty good job for the 20+ years while he was commissioner – I won’t stop until I totally make the game different than what it was. Four-point shots, bigger courts and advertisements on the jerseys? I’m not stopping there. Who knows?”

Listen below for Jones’ answers and leave us yours in the comments section below:



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