BOSTON (CBS) – The Bruins are winners of 10 straight games and have simply been on fire this month of March, and they hope to continue that trend Friday night where they’ll take on the Avalanche in Colorado.

In March, this team has gone 10-1 and have outscored their opponents 41-15 during the organization’s fourth-longest winning streak.

This streak, plus the decline in play from the Pittsburgh Penguins, has given the B’s a very comfortable division and conference lead with just 13 games left on the docket – but don’t tell that to rookie defenseman Torey Krug.

Krug and his teammates are trying to just get better every game, which is easy when you have a great coaching staff and veteran leadership.

“We’re winning hockey games and that’s important. For us we got to make sure we don’t get too far ahead of ourselves. There’s a lot of things in our game we still have to work on, and with the veteran leadership and our coaching staff I don’t think it’ll be an issue going forward,” Krug told Zo & Hardy Thursday morning.

Expounding on the topic of veteran leadership, Krug touched on the 36-year-old future Hall of Famer Jarome Iginla.

“He’s such a big part of our team. Just an unbelievable guy. He fits in our locker room so well. He’s a Bruin. To be able to do what he’s doing is unbelievable. It’s just amazing what he does. It’s inspiring what he brings to the table. He never gets too high and never gets too low. He’s amazing to watch.”

Krug says he just rolls his eyes with that “peaking too early” talk because of the amount of improvement that’s still needed for them to get where they wanna get at season’s end.

“We’re scoring a lot of goals and not giving up too many, but we’re making a lot of mistakes as well. We’ve been giving up a lot of breakaways the last few games and there’s definitely some mental lapses that happen during the course of a game. Those are things we want to tighten up before the playoffs. By no means are we playing perfect hockey.”

Between Reilly Smith, Carl Soderberg, Chad Johnson and others there’s been plenty of unheralded heroes this season for the Bruins.

Listen below for Torey’s take on which of his teammates is the 7th man:



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