BOSTON (CBS) – It’s been an unceremonious ending to the Brandon Spikes era in New England.

After being drafted in the second round in 2010, Spikes made a name for himself as a mean, nasty run-stuffing linebacker with a knack for making big hits and big plays – that all came to a screeching halt this past postseason.

Spikes labored through and played the entire regular season on a bummed knee before being placed on injured reserve just days before the team’s playoff opener at Gillette Stadium.

It was later reported that shutting down Spikes was mainly for disciplinary reasons after he missed a Friday bye week practice.

After that the writing on the wall was clear, and his comments to the NFL Network on the eve of free agency proved that even further, saying, “Both sides could benefit from a fresh start.”

As soon as the clock struck 4pm and free agency commenced, Spikes tweeted a farewell/good riddance message to the fans, the region and the team.

Now that Spikes has signed a deal with the Buffalo Bills, the Patriots (for one year anyway) will have to deal with the linebacker twice a season. Spikes appeared on the Buffalo sports talk airwaves earlier this week and had some choice words for his old team.

In written form it looks much worse than it sounds, but here’s what was said to WGR in Buffalo:

“I heard they put me on IR and stuff like that. That was just a false report. That’s just how things go there. Almost like what happened with [Aqib] Talib and his hip. … That was just from the labor throughout the season, man. It was just – you know how it is – it’s a tough 16 games. All I needed was rest and rehab.”

Spikes also said:

“I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to play at a place like that, a first class organization. The city of Boston, they’re great. And Providence is an awesome place also. Mr. Kraft is just a phenomenal man and I love him with all my heart. I’ll never forget him for all the things he’s done for me and my family. As far as my teammates I’ll definitely keep in touch with them.”

Scott Zolak analyzed the recent comments by Spikes and to him it couldn’t be more clear.

His problem is with the coach.

“His problem is with the coach. Period. Right? Take everything out of what he just said. Where does the problem lie? Where’s the rub? He credited the organization, the cities, the owner, the fan bases. … When guys leave here for better things they normally credit Belichick – Spikes did not do that,” said Zolak.

Spikes is a very outspoken individual and he never appeared to embrace the buttoned-up, tight-lipped approach of Bill Belichick.

For what it’s worth, he seems to be having a grand old time in Orchard Park.

Listen below for the full discussion:



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