BOSTON (CBS) – The Eagles are reportedly gauging interest from other teams on their talented wide receiver DeSean Jackson, and among the intrigued are the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers.

The price tag for Jackson would be a third-round pick “and potentially more,” according to the report.

Jackson, 27, set career highs in receptions (82), receiving yards (1,332) and touchdowns (9) last season for the Eagles, his sixth in the NFL.

Jackson is due to make $10.25 million this season.

Rich Shertenlieb is not only concerned about his price tag, but about his diva attitude as well. However, he has a feeling that Jackson would treat Tom Brady much different than say Nick Foles.

“If you come here and you’re a wide receiver you have to come with some level of respect, I’m sure, for Tom Brady and know that he’ll get me the ball if I’m open. So maybe that’ll cut down that part of his attitude, but I’m trying to figure out how the hell you even make it work. How do you make it work with that amount of money?” Rich said Wednesday morning.

To obtain a player like Jackson you’d not only have to part ways with your third round pick, but you’d also have to take on a considerable amount of money towards your salary cap.

Even still, Jon Wallach isn’t sure how it’s possible.

“The cap hit is number one on the entire Philadelphia Eagles roster and top five in the league as far as wide receivers are concerned. If the Patriots were to do this there would have to be a very low amount of money that’s guaranteed,” Wallach said in response. “I don’t know how they’d do it.”

Mike Flynn filled in for the vacationing Fred Toucher Wednesday morning, and speaking from experience he says all the best receivers have some of that “diva attitude,” and if the Patriots can make the numbers work they should absolutely try and get Jackson.

“I don’t know how much I’d worry about his attitude. I think he’ll wanna come in here and win some football games for Bill Belichick as opposed to a guy like Chip Kelly – someone he didn’t get along with. On the field of course he’s gonna help. One of his big assets is he’s a playmaker that can stretch the field. He’s got speed, probably one of the fastest players in the league.

“That’s one of the elements that’s been missing from this offense, someone who can work the numbers outside. As a player he’d be a huge acquisition. If you can get a guy that can score touchdowns for you, be an explosive player in the return game, reverses and that kind of stuff for $10 million a year in exchange for your third round pick hell yeah you do that! Why wouldn’t you?” Flynn concluded.

Do you want DeSean Jackson on the Patriots? Listen for the full discussion and sound off in the comments section below:



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