BOSTON (CBS) — It’s mid-March and temperatures are still below freezing. The duck boats are still parked in dry dock and the wicked winter is taking its toll on Boston tourism.

The Charles River has too much ice for the duck boats to take to the water.

“It’s infuriating I can’t believe there’s still ice in the Charles river,” Cindy Brown of Boston Duck Tours said.

No one expects it to be 80-degrees in March but even the toughest pedicab drivers are housebound.

“Some of our drivers, guys and girls, can make it out and take the cold,” said Jesse Lyons of Boston Pedicab. “They go out when the weather hits a low of 29-30. They are super  tough.”

The lines are no problem right now but local companies are losing business in this harsh winter.

“It’s that’s time of year when you never know what to expect but we’ve never had a season this delayed,” Brown said.

Boston Duck Tours hope to put some of the boats in the water on Friday but with another arctic blast on the way, it may still be a little while before tours run regularly.



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