BOSTON (CBS) — St. Patrick’s Day weekend was a golden opportunity for politicians to showcase their personality at lighthearted political events.

But in the governor’s race, that has yet to ignite public interest. Are any of the candidates seizing the chance to display that precious political commodity – charisma?

Like it or not, Deval Patrick had undeniable charisma as a candidate and governor. During a holiday political party at Brighton’s Stockyard restaurant, several candidates turned out and tried to impress the distracted crowd with mixed results.

“I was very worried about speaking here because I’m not funny,” candidate Don Berwick said. “It’s important for people to have trust. I mean, we have a public that’s losing faith in the ability of government to solve problems.”

Candidate Joe Avellone says it may be time to change it up and do something more electric.

From Martha Coakley to Steve Grossman, to GOP frontrunner Charlie Baker, electricity seems in short-supply. That may just embolden long shot independent candidate Jeff McCormick.

“I think they’re a little flat a times, to be candid,” McCormick said of the other candidates.

Democrat Juliette Kayyem, Republican Mark Fisher and Independent candidate Evan Falchuk didn’t speak at either event; Monday’s event at the Stockyard nor the annual breakfast in Southie. WBZ’s Jon Keller says that perhaps they’re busy trying to develop some charisma to display later on. As things stand now, the next candidate to light up the race with their personality, will be the first one, Keller says.



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