BOSTON (CBS) – Rich stayed home because if you’ve been to one St. Patrick’s Day parade in South Boston you’ve been to them all, but that didn’t stop Adolfo from trekking the streets of Southie looking for drunkards to interview.

Of course, it didn’t take him long to find parade-goers willing to conversate.

Adolfo quizzed the drunks dressed in green on a variety of different topics – topics you wouldn’t find to be difficult in a sober state.

Some of the questions were:

– Can you spell “Patrick”?

– Can you spell “Ireland”?

– Can you spell “Shenanigans”?

– Can you spell “Inebriated”?

– Without singing, can you name the ABC’s?

One guy almost fell over before the start of the interview and another one threatened violence against Adolfo.

In other words, it went just as you’d expect.

Give it a listen below:



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