BOSTON (CBS) – Darrelle Revis signs one day, Vince Wilfork wants out the next…coincidence?

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, and others, have speculated that the two may be related.

Mike Felger, Tony Massarotti and Marc Bertrand discussed the two developments Thursday afternoon.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if [Revis] was the thing that put Vince Wilfork over the top. Like, ‘Okay, you want to restructure me to keep the way in which you sign guys in lock, then you want to go ahead and spend $12 million on Revis? I’m out.’ I don’t think anything has been kept intact, this ‘Patriots pay scale’ and spreading the money around. Bullcrap, you just paid this guy more than any other corner in the league,” said Beetle.

“That’s a good point. Maybe that is the thing, you know, the straw that broke Wilfork’s back,” added Mazz.

“I don’t blame him. If Vince said he won’t restructure I don’t blame him, and if the Patriots said ‘see ya later’ I don’t blame them. Revis in, Wilfork out – sounds like a win to me,” said Felger.

“If Revis’ contract at all ticked off Wilfork, then that’s on Wilfork,” said Mazz.

“Yeah, shame on Vince,” Felger said in agreement.

“Like what are you doing here? You got a chance to add a good player to get yourself a Super Bowl championship and you’re gonna get ticked off because he’s making a few more bucks than you? Is that what this thing is about?” said Mazz in closing.

Listen below for the full discussion


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