BOSTON (CBS) – Aqib Talib signs with Denver. Tampa Bay releases Revis, who signs with New England just mere hours later.

Was this the grand design all along?

“He wanted to be here. That’s my biggest takeaway from this. I think that’s been his plan for some time,” said Marc Bertrand to kick off the discussion.

“Belichick’s had him in his back pocket this whole time. The way that this process unfolded and the speed from being cut yesterday afternoon late in the 3 o’clock hour to being signed, sealed and delivered by 8 o’clock last night in New England?”

Sports Hub host, former Patriots tight end and East Boston native Jermaine Wiggins has his sources on the ground at Logan, and according to them Revis was going through the airport shortly after Felger & Massarotti signed off air at 6 o’clock Wednesday night – which speaks even more to the swiftness of the signing.

Why do you think the process happened so fast?



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