BOSTON (CBS) – Patriots fans today are looking across the conference at the rival Broncos and wondering to themselves: “Why can’t we break the bank on free agents like they are?”

It’s certainly a valid criticism, because as we know, they’re not building their team with “Tom Brady’s Championship Window” in mind.

Call them cheap, call them thrifty – call it whatever you want.

But what happened to “In Bill We Trust”?

Talk radio today has been filled with this “The sky is falling” rhetoric, but one thing is clear: their system and approach does work.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re beyond reproach.

Andy Gresh took the team to task Wednesday afternoon.

“If there’s one flaw in the way they go about business it’s the fact that the first offer is too low. There’s a difference between lowballing and insulting,” said Gresh of the Patriots.

“Sometimes what they do is insult the player and it makes them go to the next team,” Zolak added.

“I know this from a former wide receiver and his representative: when the offer is so low that it wants you to shutdown negotiating and not move forward, you got a little problem. There’s a difference between hanging up the phone and telling the team, ‘We’ll get back to you’, and hanging up the phone with a ‘Bleep them’.

“I think at times the first offer gets to the point where people say ‘bleep them’ and there’s a little animosity,” Gresh concluded.

Listen below for the full discussion:



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