Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera is trying to change his city’s image. He’s starting with the dress code.

Mayor Rivera is instituting a dress code for all employees at City Hall.

He’s banning casual clothes. That means no jeans, sweats, Bermuda shorts, spandex or pajamas.

You have to wonder what some of the employees were wearing to work.

And he’s ordering all male employees to wear ties.

That last order has spurred a union grievance.

But, guess what, the unionized employees get a clothing allowance. And taxpayers are footing the bill. $45,000 a year. So, at least they won’t have to pay for their new ties solely out of their own pocket.

Why the big change?

Mayor Rivera believes first impressions can make a difference.

He wants residents, taxpayers and anyone outside of Lawrence who’s considering doing business with the city to feel good about them.

The mayor says he’s still considering Casual Fridays.

What do you think of the new dress code in Lawrence? Is Mayor Rivera going too far?

Should workplaces have dress codes? Is there any clothing that should be banned from work?


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