BOSTON (CBS) – With free agency set to open tomorrow at 4pm the NFL offseason has barely began, but already Tony Massarotti is frustrated with the approach of the New England Patriots.

Whether Darrelle Revis or Larry Fitzgerald, it’s been tease after tease for Patriots fans hoping their team spends big and acquires top flight talent to surround Tom Brady with.

Michael Felger is operating under the same logic he tells his wife: “Don’t get mad at me for something I haven’t done yet.”

Like, don’t criticize the Patriots for a bad free agency period until they’ve had a bad free agency period – Felger is imploring Mazz to do that, but it’s just not working.

“Shame on me for getting my hopes up, thinking they might actually do something for once. When is the last time they’ve legitimately augmented their team with a free agent signing for more than a year?” said Mazz to open the show.

“I am expecting nothing more than band aid solutions, and what I find frustrating is that it seems like the Patriots eliminate free agency as an option. That’s what it feels like. Unless it is some veteran guy they can get for short bucks, they’re not in on it. They’re just not. I deluded myself into thinking they would get an impact player, but they’re not. They’re not.

“I’m not even convinced they’ll keep Aqib Talib at this point, are you?” Tony asked Felger.

“No, I’m not. How could you be? The market is different than last year. They got him for one year and $5 million last year – they’re gonna have to triple that in guaranteed money. I’m not confident they’re gonna do it,” said Felger.

“I’m not either. I’m coming to the conclusion rapidly that Talib is gone,” Mazz concluded.

What would have to happen this free agency period for you to say it was a success for the Patriots? Leave us your comments, vote in our poll and listen to the full discussion below:


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