BOSTON (CBS) – Barstool Sports’ Jerry Thornton joined Felger and Mazz for his usual Friday afternoon segment, and the first topic they discussed was Tom Brady’s mysterious workout partner. In Rocky III fashion, Brady is seen running on a presumably California beach with a workout partner that looks similar to Danny Amendola. (Editors’ note: The man in the video is not Danny Amendola.)

There had been quite a bit of speculation that there was friction between the two, and this workout would go a long way in dispelling these rumors. Thornton was quick to chime in that it might not have been No. 80.

“A short dark-haired white guy?” Thornton said. “That’s basically ninety-percent of his receiving corps.”

The conversation then shifted to the Darrelle Revis situation, and the Ben Volin Boston Globe article which said that the Patriots should pursue him. Felger and Mazz are both on the record as saying they’re on board with it, but Thornton had his share of reservations.

“David Ortiz, you guys say he’s a baby about his contract. Revis makes Ortiz look like Mahatma Gandhi,” Thornton said in reference to Revis’ numerous contract holdouts with the Jets.

He continued that he wouldn’t want to have to choose between Wilfork and Revis, to which Felger exclaimed, “To me that’s not difficult at all!” There, the two went back and forth, with Mike questioning Jerry’s sanity for even comparing the two. After Felger finished his rant, he said, “I just yelled at Jerry for 10 minutes, do you want to yell at Jerry, Mazz?”

You can listen to the entire segment here:


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