YARMOUTH (CBS) – A Yarmouth 911 operator met the baby boy she helped save on Thursday. The three month old stopped breathing while at home with family last month. What happened next prompted the Yarmouth Fire Department to honor three women.

Emergency dispatcher Rachelle Jessop was happy to meet baby Giovanni. “This is incredible,” Jessop said. “This is second best only to holding my own kids.”

Jessop took the call in February when the premature baby stopped breathing following a feeding. Giovanni’s great aunt, Judy Baker, and cousin, Emily Pazakis, called 911 and were put on the line with Jessop. “He had gone blue and purple and unresponsive and his arms were limp,” Pazakis says.

Rachelle Jessop holding baby Giovanni. (WBZ-TV)

Rachelle Jessop holding baby Giovanni. (WBZ-TV)

When the veteran dispatcher heard what was happening she knew just what to do, and relayed the instructions for CPR. Pazakis performed the chest compressions as Baker stayed on the phone with Jessop.

“I was on the phone with Rachelle and Rachelle was awesome,” Baker says. “She just kept on saying ‘you’re doing good, you’re doing great, good job that’s a good sound.’”

After just a few breaths, Giovanni was breathing again. Jessop stayed on the phone with the Baker until the ambulance arrived. They all say each had a hand in saving Giovanni.

“It was definitely a team effort,” Jessop says. “The people on the other end of the phone did an excellent job.”

The Yarmouth Fire Department honored Giovanni’s great aunt and cousin’s actions with their Lifesaving Award. Jessop was given the department’s Achievement Award.

Giovanni was checked out at Cape Cod Hospital and released. His family says he’s now a healthy little boy.



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