BOSTON (CBS) – At 20-41 and losing seven of their last eight games you can surely accuse the Celtics of being a bad team.

But one thing you can’t accuse them of is giving minimal effort in games this season . . . that changed Wednesday night in the team’s 108-88 loss to Golden State.

“It was ugly right away. Usually in these NBA games teams always make a run. It was 12-2 right away for Golden State and they just didn’t look back,” said Rich Keefe following the game.

“The Celtics actually had to outscore the Warriors reserves there in the fourth quarter to even make it a 20 point game. This wasn’t even that close. It could have been way worse. It was just a wire-to-wire win for the Golden State Warriors.”

Celtics play-by-play man Sean Grande is in agreement:

Perhaps the lack of effort was just a blip on the radar. An anomaly. The exception and not the rule.

But we’ll get a sense of this team’s mindset if performances like this start to become a trend.

“They never really answered the bell in this game tonight, but those types of efforts haven’t been the norm,” said Adam Jones.

“If this becomes the norm in March and the rest of April then we will say that things have gotten away from Brad Stevens, and maybe the players are tuning him out. Generally, even when they’re out-manned, they’ve played hard this season. But tonight was about as ugly as it’s been all season.”

Besides the “SCAL-A-BRI-NE” chants for Warriors assistant coach and Celtics fan favorite Brian Scalabrine, the other highlight came when this Tupac impersonator was shown on the jumbotron:

Listen below for the game summary:


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