MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) — People lined up at a Manchester pickup spot Wednesday morning, hoping to get bags of pellets to carry them through the rest of winter.

Wood pellets are in short supply in New Hampshire with many stores completely sold out and deliveries few and far between.

On Wednesday, people were able to take 10 bags each at the pickup spot, but some were still out of luck.

“When I called yesterday, they said they’d have some in the morning and to be here for 9 and so that’s what I did,” Mike Croteau said. “They were sold out five minutes after opening.”

CEO of New Hampshire-based David Nydam said several factors have contributed to the shortage.

“Pellet stoves are more popular and the winter has been colder, longer than it has in the last couple of years,” Nydam said.

Due to those factors, Nydam said retailers just didn’t stock enough wood pellets to get through the season.

Now in the first week of March, residents hope the weather breaks and until then, may just need extra blankets.


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