By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

This has been one long cold stretch and while it will stay pretty cold the next few days temps look to turn around over the weekend!  If you are looking for warmer air you first need to look aloft…about 6000 feet up in fact.  We look to this level of the atmosphere for clues on how warm or cold the air at the surface will be.  Although the air 6000 feet up is still very cold, with some sunshine, mixing and the right wind direction, that air will sink down to the surface and as it does it gets compressed and therefore warms up…sometimes more than 30 degrees from that 6000 foot level.


So on Saturday the temperature at that level will be near zero degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  In the middle of the Summer that could equate to surface temperatures in the 60s…but seeing that it’s not Summer and there is snow on the ground we’ll have to temper those results.  In the end…look for a Spring-like 50 degrees on Saturday…well deserved!



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