BOSTON (CBS) – The NHL trade deadline has everyone on edge – especially Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti.

The two Sports Hub hosts began their show on Wednesday with a segment titled “Things That Bugged Us In The Paper Today” – and they started with an ESPN Boston article by Joe McDonald.

In it, Joey Mac closed with, “It doesn’t matter whether Chiarelli makes a deal Wednesday because the Bruins are a dangerous team as is.”

Dangerous? Is that really the goal here?

“In the world of hockey 16 teams make the playoffs and the way it works in hockey is that if you’re in the playoffs you’re mostly dangerous. And if you’re good in the playoffs you’re definitely dangerous. Do you know how many dangerous teams there are in hockey this year? I would say 6-10 legit Stanley Cup contenders. So the Bruins are dangerous, but is this what we’re doing now?” asked Felger to kick off the segment.

“No, because my feeling is that they’re in position to win cups every year now,” Mazz answered.

“This is the exact same debate we’ve had with the Patriots and our complaints with the Patriots: We’re in the mix every year, we made the AFC Championship Game three straight years, we’re dangerous –  YUP YOU’RE DANGEROUS! EVERY YEAR! That’s it? That’s the goal to be dangerous? God I hate that. The goal is to win a championship.

“And when you’re in that class of teams, which the Patriots are and the Bruins are, the idea is not just to get out of your division, or win the AFC East, or get a home playoff date. The goal should be to beat the Broncos, and the Seahawks, and the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Chicago Blackhawks. That’s what you should be building your team for,” said an annoyed Felger in the 2pm hour.

Have the Bruins done enough to compete for another Stanley Cup? Sound off in the comments section and listen below for the full discussion:


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