(Image: WBZ-TV)

A New Jersey judge has denied an 18-year-old who’s suing her parents to pay for school and living costs.
Rachel Canning wanted $650 a week in child support. She also wanted her parents to pay the remainder of her high school tuition and her attorney’s fees.
The judge ruled that her parents do not have to pay for her high school tuition.
But, the judge hasn’t ruled yet on whether they should pay her college tuition.
So, why is the 18-year-old suing her parents?
She claims they kicked her out when she turned 18.
Her parents deny that. Her father says she left because she didn’t want to follow their rules about curfew and chores.
Her parents say she lived a privileged life. A new car, private school and plans to go to college.
But, they say all of that only comes if she follows the rules.
Rachel has been staying with a friend’s family for months. They are funding this lawsuit.
The judge noted that Rachel’s behavior was questionable in the past year.
She had two suspensions, lost her title as captain of the cheerleading squad and was removed from campus ministry.
The judge asked, “What kind of parents would the Cannings be if they didn’t set down some strict rules?”
The judge raised another good question yesterday. Should we set a precedent that would deter parents from establishing rules because they’re afraid their children will sue them?
What do you think of this family feud?
Do you agree with the judge’s decision

(Image: WBZ-TV)


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