BOSTON (CBS) – It was a “Buy or Sell” Monday on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.” Play along with Adam Jones and Rich Keefe on the following topics…

The NHL trade deadline is this Wednesday at 3pm. Ryan Kesler wants out of Vancouver, Martin St. Louis wants out of Tampa Bay and all the pundits say the Bruins need a defenseman…but will any major deals get done? Buy or Sell a quiet trade deadline.

“I sell that,” said Jones. “I was surprised this weekend was so quiet – not in terms of rumors but in trades. Once the Ryan Miller trade happened I thought the flood gates would open, but that hasn’t been the case. I think there’s too many players that have to move, players that have been floated out there by their teams. I think there will be more action than the NBA’s trade deadline.”

With this year’s upcoming draft class seen as the best one in a decade, a lot of NBA teams are tanking to get the most ping pong balls in the lottery. The idea of a draft wheel system has been floated out there but it appears for now the system will remain the same. Buy or Sell changes to the NBA lottery system in the next year or two.

“I buy that (new commissioner) Adam Silver wants to do something about it. People make it seem like it’s this great system. In the NFL if you’re the worst team you have 100% chance of getting the #1 pick, in the NBA if you’re the worst team you only have a 25% chance. That draft wheel feels like too much to wrap my head around. I like that if you’re bad you have the chance to alter your team quickly,” said Adam Jones.

“I kind of like the idea of every single team in the lottery. Everybody being thrown in there. I don’t see how that’s the worst thing in the world. We’ve seen some of these teams in the NBA get lottery pick after lottery pick and go nowhere. Maybe you shake things up a little bit and these bad teams won’t rely on getting a top 10 pick and will field a more competitive team,” said Rich Keefe.

The Patriots are reportedly floating wide receiver Danny Amendola out there in a trade. The player struggled to stay healthy all season and never seemed to develop a rapport with quarterback Tom Brady. Buy or Sell Danny Amendola on the Patriots next season.

“I buy it, because there’s no trade market out there for Danny Amendola. I can’t imagine the Kraft’s swallowing their pride and cutting Wes Welker’s replacement the very next offseason. He will be with the Patriots next year and I don’t think it’s the end of the world. He could do next year what Julian Edelman did this year. All the same things we criticize Amendola for not playing through a full schedule we said about Edelman,” said Jones.

The Wichita State Shockers of the Missouri Valley Conference are 31-0, the first team to go through the regular season unscathed since 2004. Buy or Sell the Shockers getting back to the Final Four this year.

“I sell it. Part of me almost feels worse about getting back because they were there last year,” said Jones. “They’ve played an awful schedule this season. It’s not their fault, but all their best wins were out of conference in November and December. I doubt that Wichita State can make it two years in a row.”

Last question: Buy or Sell Ellen DeGeneres as a good Oscars host.

“I’d buy that. I don’t think she knocked it out of the park but I thought she was entertaining,” said Jones.

Listen below for the full discussion:


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