Every elementary school student learns it early in their lives: A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y.

Scott Zolak, however, was apparently absent on the day that was taught in his school, and he adamantly argued that “Y” is not a vowel during Monday’s show.

Zo was discussing his dislike for the show “Caillou,” and it made him think: What kind of person gives their kid a name that ends in a vowel?

Andy Gresh and Hardy were quick to point out that Zolak’s own children have names that end in “y.”

That’s when the debate got heated.

“Y is not a vowel! It’s a consonant!” Zolak screamed. “Y is not a vowel! I play Scrabble! You ever do Wheel of Fortune? It’s not a vowel. You can’t buy a Y.”

The text and phone lines lit up, with Zo commenting that the show got more reaction out of this debate than it did out of Bruins trade deadline talk.

“That’s because you came out and said, ‘Who has a vowel at the end of their kids’ names?’ and we gave you pretty much everyone who works here. And your own children,” Gresh said.

Zolak, whose mother was a middle school English teacher, remained adamant that “Y” is not a vowel, even in the face of overwhelming evidence against him.

“It’s not a vowel. It’s amazing that you could think it’s a vowel,” he said.

Gresh then read from the dictionary: “The letter ‘Y’ stands for a consonant in ‘yolk’ but for a vowel in ‘myth.'”

“You just clarified that technically it is a consonant. In a mythological word, where Zeus, Poseidon, all those people exist. It’s just said in myths! It’s not both, it was a clarification that when ‘Y’ is used as a vowel, it is in mythology.”

It may be the sports debate of the year.

Scott Zolak's Red Sox Ad

Scott Zolak’s Red Sox Ad


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