By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Believe it or not, it’s Academy Awards time again, and all across the country everyone is abuzz with Oscar speculation!

OK, just kidding, most people probably couldn’t care less.

I can’t say that my glasses are fogging up with excitement about it, but I am, like most of you I bet, a casual movie fan who occasionally gets out from time to time to see one, as soon as I get the OK from the chief loan officer at my bank.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

So with my casual, semi-informed credentials on the table, here are my picks for the big winners Sunday night, definitely not to be used for wagering:

* Among the five performances nominated for best actress, I’ve actually seen two of them, Amy Adams in “American Hustle” and Cate Blanchett in “Blue Jasmine.” Both did a fine job.

But Blanchett plays a neurotic New Yorker in a Woody Allen movie, which is kind of a redundancy. I’m bored with neurotic New Yorkers. The Oscar goes to Adams, who is almost as great in this as she was in “The Fighter,” where she played a neurotic Lowellian.

* The best actor winner is a tough call, mainly because I’ve only seen one of the nominees’ movies, Christian Bale in “American Hustle.” He was good and so was the movie, but neither was as wonderful as some of the critics seem to think.

Of the other choices, I didn’t see Bruce Dern in “Nebraska,” but he’s old and probably won’t be nominated again, and I loved him as “Loser” in the “The Wild Angels” 48 years ago, so the Oscar goes to Bruce Dern.

And finally, best picture.

Gee, maybe I’m not as avid a movie buff as I thought, I’ve only seen one of the nine nominees, “American Hustle.”

I guess that was the best one I saw.

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