By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — Feel like potholes in Boston are worse than ever?

It’s not your imagination.

Julio Salado found out first hand when he hit a pothole on Chestnut Hill Avenue in Cleveland Circle.

Julio’s car slammed into the hole so hard, the airbags deployed.

The force injured his arm and his eye, sending him to the hospital.

“That pothole was pretty deep. I felt my car just literally drop on the left side,” he said.

Julio is frustrated that such a busy intersection was marked with such large craters.

“I could not have been the first one, maybe the airbags. But yeah, I think that’s some negligence on their part,” he said.

The city of Boston has been working overtime to keep up with the potholes.

So far in January and February, city crews have filled 6,000 holes. Compare that to 1,600 at this time last year.

After learning about Julio’s accident, crews were out inspecting Cleveland Circle and filling the holes the very same day.

Julio is still driving around with his side airbag tied up to his window.

He’s waiting for an insurance adjuster and he’s filed a claim with the city of Boston.

He’s hoping the city will pick up the tab for his repairs and ambulance ride.

If you’ve seen a pothole in Boston that needs attention, you can report it on the city’s website.


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