BOSTON (CBS) – Thursday night means it’s time for some Role Play on The Adam Jones Show, a game on the “Mount Rushmore” of all the games on the Game Of Jones.

1. You are young, first-year head coach Brad Stevens. Is everything good right now between you and Rajon Rondo?

Jones as Stevens: “I came here knowing that Rajon Rondo was a handful to deal with, even for a well-respected coach like Doc Rivers. At some point I knew that NBA players would try and test me, and I knew that at some point it would be Rajon Rondo. I was warned about this coming in. Generally things are fine between me and the player, but if he keeps testing me you have to wonder if he’s a fit for this team going forward.”

2. You are Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. If you had the first pick in the NFL Draft and you HAD to use it – you cannot trade back into the second round – who would you take?

Jones as Belichick: “As you know I’m a big fan of my linemen in the first round. I would go with Greg Robinson, the offensive left tackle from Auburn. I don’t love the quarterback class and I think we’re okay with our guy. Jadeveon Clowney, as talented as he is, there are some red flags there with work ethic.”

3. You are Bruins head coach Claude Julien. 24 games left to go in the season, how many starts does Tuukka Rask get the rest of the way?

Jones as Julien: “He wasn’t run into the ground for Team Finland in the Olympics so he got a little bit of a respite there. Anything that isn’t a back-to-back he’s our goalie.”

4. You are Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington. What would have to happen for you to bring back Stephen Drew?

Jones as Cherington: “Barring an awful start by Will Middlebrooks or an injury to Xander Bogaerts I’m not interested. I’d rather get the compensation. We’re willing to wait, we’re willing to play that game and get the draft pick.”

5. You are new NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Are you serious with the 4-point shot?

Jones as Silver: “Not only do I want it, it’s going to be my crowning achievement. My signature moment. I’m going to be known as the commissioner who brought the 4-pointer, and once that’s been accepted we’re going for the 5-pointer. It’s coming, don’t you worry.”

Listen below:


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