HINGHAM (CBS) — A woman was arrested on Thursday for allegedly leaving a 2-month-old infant alone in a cold car for 20 minutes so she could have a drink at a bar.

The 21-year old-Hingham woman, whose name was not released, had the infant with her while she was sitting at the bar at Stars and drinking just before 10 a.m. on Thursday, police said.

When the woman ordered another drink, the bartender declined.

Boston Police Detective Joseph King, who was off-duty and having breakfast, also chimed in.

“When she asked for a drink, I guess the wait staff said no. And I said, ‘I think it’s better that you don’t,’” he said.

King says the woman walked out with the child and returned about 10 minutes later by herself.

Again, the bartender refused to serve her.

At that point, King had a hunch that something was wrong, and he headed for the parking lot.

“I could see a baby seat, a green blanket over the baby seat and I knew then, I’m like ‘something isn’t right,’ so I called police,” he said.

Hingham police said they met King in the restaurant parking lot.

When the woman came out to her car, officers took her keys and found the baby, who was in good condition.

Hingham Police said the woman questioned why they were there and then “became loud and created a disturbance” when they asked her for more information.

The woman was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment of a child and disturbing the peace.

Hingham Fire Department Paramedics evaluated the infant and took the child to South Shore Hospital to be checked out.

Officials from the Department of Children and Families were contacted and went to the hospital.

Police said they did not identify the woman in an effort to protect the infant’s welfare and allow the DCF to investigate.


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