BOSTON (CBS) – Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, take notice: a new NFL prospect has thrown his hat into the ring.

OK, not really.

But everyone’s favorite call screener Adolfo Gonazlez has prided himself in getting back into shape recently, so Toucher and Rich decided to put him to the ultimate test in the CBS Radio parking lot.

Seeing as how the NFL Combine recently took place, the guys decided to time Adolfo in the 40-yard dash.

Between Fred, Rich and Jon Wallach they were all WAY off in their estimates. Fred predicted an 8 second 40-yard dash, Rich had him at 7.7 and Wallach guessed 7.4.

By our stopwatch we clocked Adolfo at 11.79 seconds – unofficial of course.

Scouts agree Adolfo is a tweener and will likely go undrafted.


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