By Bill Shields

WAREHAM (CBS) — A Wareham family is ready and willing to rebuild after a devastating fire but the town says any new home on the site must be built on expensive stilts that insurance won’t cover and the family can’t afford.

Fire drove the Pardi family from their home in November. Since then, they’ve been living in a temporary mobile home until insurance pays for the repairs.

But Charlene Pardi says it has been longer than expected.

“A lot of sleepless nights just not knowing if we’ll ever get back into our house,” she said.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s controversial flood plain maps are the reason for the hold up. The new maps put the Pardi’s home where it had never been before; a tidal flood zone.

So instead of simply repairing the fire damage, the Pardi family would now have to rebuild the home to withstand a monumental flood.

“The new regulations saying that because I’m in a flood zone, I have to rebuild my house on stilts, is no cheap endeavour for a house my size, we’re talking about $100,000,” Todd Pardi said.

Charlene said the town has been trying to find ways to help but FEMA is holding the process up.

Next week, Congress is expected to vote on new FEMA regulations that includes grandfathering in homeowners. The Pardi’s hopes they are grandfathered in.


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