A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Nowadays one can’t even say they prefer warm weather over cold weather, without some grumpy old poop suggesting we need to toughen up and quite whining.   Is it okay to say I still love my Mom, and apple pie, or is that going to bring some other zealot out of the woodwork to lecture on the dangers of being tied to apron strings with dangers of eating too much sugar in that pie?   I make the statement that I prefer to be in Florida during the winter months and a couple of knuckleheads touch off an argument on global warming.  One whacko even questioned how I could even have a job.  I don’t, I’m retired, and if this is considered a job, define it as my opportunity to tick some folks off.  What the hell is going on here?    BTW, speaking of global warming, check out the Charles Krauthammer column on the subject and maybe send a copy of it to Al Gore.  www.washingtonpost.com/pb/charles-krauthammer.  It is brilliant and all of my lefty family and friends should read it.

Speaking of the frozen and snow-covered North, I witness that even with laws against it now, drivers still aren’t smart enough to clean off the top of their cars and trucks before speeding down a highway, tossing chunks of ice-laden snow in all directions.   But just to keep it fair and balanced, I guess that’s no more dangerous than driving most anywhere in Florida.  Yup, thousands and thousands of q-tip heads, peekin’ over the tops of steering wheels convinced that every traffic light is green and the stop signs are only a suggestion.

Couple of other topics very briefly:  Congratulations to Putin and Russia for pulling off the Olympics without any significant hitch…..from the impressive opening ceremony to the spectacular closing ceremony. Congratulations to CNN (Clinton news network) for dumping Piers Morgan. What an insufferable Brit!


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