MIDDLEBORO (CBS) —The Dexters have lived in Middleboro for nearly 40 years and say they’ve never had any issues until this weekend.

“You can still see the black we didn’t get it all out,” Caroline Dexter said.

Vandals hit three neighborhood streets early Saturday.

The Dexters’ front door was tagged.

Hateful words, messages and swastikas were spray painted on other homes and cars. Caroline says she’s not worried about more crimes, she’s just thankful the hateful message was removed.

“Everyone came together,” she said. “People were coming down the streets with buckets of stuff to clean.” Police believe the attacks were random but Caroline and her husband Ralph are disgusted that anyone would be so disrespectful.

“I didn’t know what to think because I don’t know why anyone would do that,”Ralph Dexter said.”I didn’t realize the neighbor was that way, with different things on doors and cars and everything. Why would they do this?”

Police say the vandals hit 9 cars and three homes.

So far they don’t have any leads.



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